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We, at XAnge, feel that technology is a powerful force for triggering change efficiently, and for remodeling social and environmental schemes in a sustainable way.

As one of France’s pioneers in Impact Venture Capital, we have identified 6 major areas from among the UN Sustainable Development Goals, where startups can make a significant impact.

We fund #tech startups tackling world’s biggest concerns.

Sustainable Food and Housing

The world’s growing population and pressing environmental issues are prompting us to reexamine our food consumption and housing patterns.

We believe in achieving a fair local/global and quality/quantity balance powered by agritech, food tech, water tech, building materials, and other advances.

persons in France live in substandard housing

of worldwide GHG emissions are caused by agriculture

tonnes of food waste/year in France

Environment and Cleantech

We are faced with a contradiction between natural resources depletion and in increase in energy and raw materials needs caused by a growing global population.

We believe in sparking innovation into mobility, energy efficiency, green tech, the circular economy, and pollution abatement

Worldwide arable land:
80% is farmed, 15% is drained

Energy consumption:
Renewable energy = 14.6 % (2014) vs. 9.1% (2005)

energy efficiency by 2020

Open Data and Safety

The advent of data collecting solutions and their tremendous abundance create privacy and readability issues for companies and individuals whose data lie in the hands of corporates.

We believe deep learning applied to data tools should include more transparency and responsible governance concerning personal data use.

of recruiters have already rejected a candidate due to a negative e-reputation

smartphone users in Europe (+75% since 2013)

fine + 5 years’ imprisonment for failure to comply with France’s “Informatique et Libertés” Act

Health and Well-Being

With growing knowledge of human health, rapid technological advances, and emerging trends such as an aging society, medical and pharmaceutical equipment makers need tech startups to remain efficient.

We believe that health tech (including IoT), the silver economy, and personalized treatment algorithms will tackle these challenges.

deadly diseases caused by environmental hazards

of the working population is at risk of burnout

People aged 75+ :
x2.5 between 2000 and 2040

Social Inclusion, Cohesion, and Transition

Emerging digital models could foster more inclusion to avoid segregation and isolation in our connected, globalized societies.

We believe that civic tech, inclusive collaborative platforms and media, and citizen mobilization tools can address these social harmony issues.

France’s richest 10% earn 10x more than its poorest 10%

Only 31%
of women and 38% of men with disabilities have a job

persons are isolated

Ed Tech & HR Tech

Digitalization reorients the way people work and learn. How they access knowledge is a fundamental factor in climbing the social ladder.

We believe that knowledge exchange is transverse, omnipresent, immediate, and lifelong, and that HR tech provides key tools alongside AI for recruitment, building career paths, work, and replicating company-provided advantages (such as home loans, healthcare benefits, and social links).

of fourth-grade pupils struggle with basic reading skills

France had 2.5M
illiterate persons in 2014

MOOC worldwide in 2015

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