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XAnge believes that major paradigm shifts, such as the inception of mobile telephony and the Internet, trace their origins to scientific and technological innovations that were as highly disruptive as those that paved the way for microprocessors. We seek to invest in start-ups that are ready to meet such great challenges, staffed by visionary teams bent on expanding the capabilities of technology without losing sight of the product/market fit.

We have strong feelings concerning the following sectors:

Intéligence artificielle

We believe that AI, quantum computing, and algorithms will open the way for exceptional advances in areas as varied as human health, services, and industry.


We believe in energy with a low carbon footprint, resulting from distributed production and benefiting from distributed storage. We also believe in employing organic processes and recycling to replace the use of chemicals.


We believe that technology will foster considerable improvements in transportation, leading to driverless vehicles and increased automation.


We believe that trusted systems powered by blockchains are about to revolutionize trade and commerce.

We recognize that suboptimal roll-out and end-user distrust threaten these technologies and their deployment. For this reason, we consistently seek out management teams with exceptional execution capabilities. We feel that overcoming apprehensions and fostering end-user acceptance will be increasingly vital, and that advances in safety will have to keep pace with the disruptions themselves. From this foundation, major corporations will arise and thrive, and our role as investors will be to identify the most promising ones and channel the funds we manage toward them.

If your start-up is inspired by a long-term technological vision and strong convictions, and if you are an entrepreneur with a passion for serving your customers, please contact us. We look forward to know you and work together to transform your vision into reality.

We are looking for innovative entrepreneurs in: