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We, at XAnge, agree that “software is eating the world” and believe that it exists to alleviate repetitive tasks and enable people to focus on the essentials and unlock their creativity.

We apply this principle in three main ways, depending on the agent, from B2B to B2C:


In B2B settings, we aim to promote a smooth business infrastructure by investing in entrepreneurs building a software stack that efficiently leverages data to fulfill a precise mission that is peripheral to their clients’ business, thus allowing them to focus on their core activity. Companies such as Believe Digital, AB Tasty, and Odoo simplify their clients’ operations and free up resources they need to devote to their core mission.

Semi pro

Our approach to semi-professionals entails empowering users as economic agents so that they can derive revenues from various activities and mitigate economic dependency. Alittlemarket/Etsy, Lydia, and Chauffeur Privé, for example, provide the tools that allow users to become their own boss.


In B2C situations, we believe in a differentiated customer experience involving the consumption of digital goods (Webedia) or a more direct access to original supply (La Ruche Qui Dit Oui ! for food, Evaneos for travel, and MisterSpex for eyewear).

Automation―a general trend underpinning these three core ideas―based on the collection (IoT), combination, and analysis (machine learning) of proprietary and external data, will further streamline processes, while ensuring respect for data privacy.

If you are a mission-driven, open, and ambitious founder, we are eager to get to know you and show you who we can help bring your vision to life.

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